Dare Me to Denim

Folded and Hung have this Dare Me to Denim promo with Mega Style Ph. All you have to do is tweet and tweet and tweet!! Just keep on tweeting them and get the chance to win 5,000 worth of F&H Gift Certificate. You have until tomorrow to win this contest, so go, go and go!

All you have to do is tweet : Dear @megastyleph, I want my own spray-painted denim from Folded and Hung! #DareMeToDenim

**don’t forget to use the hashtag #daremetodenim**

**More importantly, attach the picture below on your tweet**


To know the winner, all you have to do is:

Follow Folded and Hung on twitter here and like their Facebook page here.

Follow Mega Style Ph on twitter here.


Good luck everyone!!



The Good Life


Fun Time is US

As I was saying on my previous post here, I met my friend and we had so much fun together. I was consuming my “free” days meeting my friends to hangout with and have fun. Maybe you’ll think what “free” means, well, next week my medicine life will about to start, so I coined it as free because I still have time to hangout before I face the next chapter of my life. Lol And yes, we’re the craziest duo ever!P3300250Funtym5Funtym3

Feeling like a Rock Star! !! haha


Because of Independence Day, there’s a photo booth in MOA Main Atrium, and we decided to became part of it! I LOVE PINAS because It never falls behind the latest fashion trends and gadgets!! Funtym1

We’re not bored, we’re just having fun!


Just tried the new Big N’ Tasty Burger from McDonald’s! And YES worth trying! Watch their TVC here!


How’s everyone? Enjoy your week!!



The Good Life

Happy Free

We *FILIPINO*  are celebrating the 114 years of Philippine Independence.  TGIF – Thank God I’m a Filipino and yes, I’m Proud of being a Filipino.


Happy 114 years of Philippine Independence!



The Good Life



Yellow Stripe

So what’s up guys? Before my Medicine life starts, I decided to hangout with my friend, it’s been too long since I saw my friend. We had so much fun together, and we did crazy stuff again. Nothing has changed! And as for my outfit, I decided to wore something casual and comfy. Scroll down and see what I wore!




What I’m wearing: Stripe Collared Shirt (Bossini), Chino Pants (Bench), Checkered Shoes, Braided Belt (SM Accessories), Watch (AXN), Orange Nato Strap (Asprey), Bracelet (SM Accessories)




Have a great day everyone!!



The Good Life

Everyday Man: Tuesday

First thing first!! I want to say Thank You sweet readers for supporting my new segment, it really means a lot to me!!How’s Monday, yay or nay? I guess everyone did well on the first day!! So, after you survived the first day of the week, you’re not sure what’s about to happen, unless you’ve plans that you need to accomplish for the next day!! Having bunch of errands doesn’t mean that you’ll allow yourself look like a sloven type of person!



Another day, another style! But for those who work/study in a very cold place. Wearing Polo Long Sleeve Cardigan Style + Loose Pants +Boat Shoes would give you a warmth feeling and you’ll feel easy to move.


Then if you’re fun of shorts and you feel that shorts is the best to wear, then that would fine! Stripe Tee + Short + Toms + Jacket. I would recommend to bring hooded jacket especially if we’re not sure about the weather. If it’s very hot and you’ve jacket then that’s fine, but if it rains, you can use jacket if you don’t have umbrella!


How’s the start of the week??



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Everyday Man: Monday

Hello sweet readers!! Well, today I’m going to start the new segment in my blog, which I called – Everyday Man – Well, I know everyone was not new about what to wear and how to make yourself fit. As I was saying, everyday man is mostly, well not mostly but all are for men, this is to give an idea on how to make yourself more comfortable, in-style and always on the go every day!!


Monday is the start of the week, which I bet that this is very tough for everyone – most especially for students – I guess? The weekend haze is still lingering around your head, pretty tough for us!! For those who go to work, suit yourself like a boss; stand out on the first day of the week. tumblr_m52l3olXxM1qg4knho1_400

And for a student type like me, Monday is our enemy day – and for those who needs to wear business attire once in a while!! You can set Monday as the day that you need to look like a real business man,  be more playful with your attire; you can pair your button down + blazer with short, but make sure that short is well suited!!tumblr_m52ducTnbN1qg4knho1_400

Or just a simple plain round tee + blazer then chino pants!! Show to your prof. that you’re ready to start the new week with a twist!


Start your weetumblr_m4rjx9Fedx1qg4knho1_400k with a twist!!



The Good Life


Bloggers United 3

Hey fellas!! New month, new happenings!! The much awaited Bloggers United 3 has finally arrived! Yes folks! You’d read it right, BU3 at the Grand View Events, Makati last Saturday *6.2*. Finally, I got the chance to meet all the fashion bloggers here in the Philippines, Indonesia, and even celebrities was there, too. Great way to start a new month. The experience at BU3 was awesome.  And yes!! I bought items from my fav. male bloggers!!


With Nikki (Nikkisho’s Blog) at BU3!!


Nikki’s friend Biola. She’s half filipina-half nigerian.


With our friend, Max!!



With Robbie Becroft (robbieoffduty) I bought Button Down on his booth! And yes!! Had a lil chit chat with Robbie while picking items on his booth!


With David Guison (DG MNL)


With Bjorn Bedayo (BehindBjornManila)


With Paul Chuapoco (PaulthePRGuy)


With Victor Basa (V Spotted)


With Enzo Ladrido


With the lovely, Laureen Uy (Break My Style)


With the cute gurl Camilee Co (itscamilleco)


With the pretty Kryz Uy (thirstythought)


With the lovely Verniece Enciso (Verniecenciso) She’s so pretty. Red heart


With Vern Enciso (ashoetale)


With Divine Lee (divinemlee)


With Lisa Kahayon (scenestealer)


With Stacy (Plump Pinay)


With Joanna Ladrido (joannaladrido)


Photo Booth with Max!!


Super Jam Packed BU3!!



I’m very happy that I finally met all my fav. bloggers.

Have a happy new month everyone!!